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If you have a high school age athlete who doesn't like to spend hrs. in the schools weight room, bring them to Crossfit Bloomsburg to see Coach Matt.  The changes in my son since he has started working with Matt are incredible.  Matt, with his knowledge of proper form, has made changes that would not have been possible just going to the weight room to push weights.  The one thing about CrossFit is you are never doing the exercise alone, there are other athletes in there pushing you and helping along the way.  My son refers to the people at "his box " as "family".  Stop by and see what I am talking about. It is so much more than just a gym.


-Sam K.


My CrossFit journey started in December of 2013 at a box where my parents live in Milford, CT. Before CrossFit I was overweight, frequently sick, and on the verge of being discharged from the Army for failing to meet their physical fitness standards. After significant badgering from my parents, I went to CrossFit and fell in love, so much so that I joined a box when I went back to college in Bloomsburg. Going in thinking that nothing could compare to CrossFit Milford, I was instantly proved wrong after my first class at CrossFit Bloomsburg. Coach Matt is extremely knowledgable about CrossFit, and he gives each member the individualized attention they need to not only do the workouts, but to do them safely and correctly. After almost a year at CFB, I am smashing my old lifting PRs and doing bodyweight movements I used to only dream of. Most importantly, I am healthier and happier than I have ever been. If you are looking to change your life, and meet amazing people doing it, CrossFit Bloomsburg is the place for you!


-Taylor C.


In the past, have I weighed less? Yes. Have I worn smaller clothes? Yes. Was I healthy and stronger? No. I've been a runner my whole life. Once into my mid 40s it was time to make a change. CrossFit Bloomsburg was the perfect change! With great coaching and a supportive atmosphere I am stronger and healthier than ever! Not only can I lift heavy weights and perform body weight movements, but I've made great friends! I look forward to going to the box and challenging myself. Its not always a physical challenge but mental as well in surpassing things you never thought you could accomplish. CFB is my family! Come check it out!


-Wendy S.


The most amazing aspect of CrossFit is that it caters to any fitness level, any body type, and any athlete. CrossFit Bloomsburg (CFB) has filled a void in my life after the military by providing an incredible mix of community, camaraderie and motivation. There is nothing easy about CrossFit… it challenges me both physically and mentally each and every day. CFB surrounds you with a group of athletes and coaches who chase excellence and strive for you to become a healthier, stronger person.


I enjoy the comradery. It brings back the feeling of when I was involved in team sports years ago. I look forward to every class. You are able to push yourself beyond what you thought possible. There is no way in the world that you can get the same type of workout on your own as you can within CrossFit. Everyone supports each other no matter you ability level. Everyone wants everyone else to achieve their personal best. No matter your age,CrossFit Bloomsburg is: Satisfying; Rewarding; Sweat inducing; Fun. There is no boredom in the BOX.


-Paul P.


My first interest in Crossfit happened when I was watching TV and the 2012 Crossfit Games were on. I watched these extremely fit athletes compete against each other on intense workouts and thought to myself, hey that looks really fun. When I moved to Bloomsburg to start my new job I got my chance to give Crossfit a try at Crossfit Bloomsburg (CFB). My first workout was “Fran” and it kicked my ass, barely finishing it in 12 minutes with the help of everyone cheering me on. I watched the more experienced athletes finish it in 3-4minutes and was impressed. I always thought I was in good shape, but after that day I knew normal lifting was not going to get me on the level some of these guys were on. Since then I have been coming almost every day (taking rest days as needed) and have seen huge improvements in my strength, cardio, and form. The coaches are very knowledgeable and just want to see you improve. The people at the box are like having a second family. Great group of people, great workouts, it is exactly what I was hoping for when I joined and would recommend it to anyone.


-Kyle J.




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